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“…will grow up to be Mae West, if nobody strangles her first”

Nancy Banks Smith, The Guardian

Jaci Stephen is an award winning journalist in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Jaci is currently a Television Columnist for UK’s biggest newspaper – the Daily Mail, featuring her weekly “Soapwatch” spread in Weekend Magazine, commanding an audience of over 3 millions readers from the 1.7million UK sales. Her work also appears on MailOnline with more than 252m global unique browsers – which includes, features, interviews, TV and movie reviews, as well as broadcasting trends and commentary. She also writes for the women’s section of the Daily Mail called Femail.

Jaci also writes for The Mail on Sunday newspaper with a circulation of just over 2 million. She writes TV reviews, interviews, and reports on “live” TV events, which also appear on MailOnline.

In 1990, Jaci was named Broadcasting Writer of the Year in the What the Papers Say Awards. In 1998, she was nominated for Journalist of the Year. Jaci has spent most of her career in newspapers and used to working to pressurized deadlines.

As a freelance writer for additional publications, her work has been published in: The Times, The Sunday Times, The Guardian, The Daily Telegraph, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, Times Educational Supplement, Times Literary Supplement, The Fiction Magazine, Poetry Wales, The Anglo-Welsh Review, Books and Bookmen, New Statesman.

Jaci left the UK to live in America in 2009, and chose to live in both Los Angeles and in New York to cover TV personalities and celebrities as well as television production companies.

In 2015, her blog ‘LA Not So Confidential’ won two awards. In the Southern California Journalism Awards, Jaci won the award for for Satire/Humor writing (across all platforms), and also won the Humor Writing award in the National Arts and Entertainment Journalism Awards (US). The blog covers show business, celebrities, TV, and Lifestyle.

Jaci was also nominated for Individual Blog, International Critic, and Interviewer between 2013-2017. She has presented many TV shows.

She has now settled definitively in Manhattan, where she has been a columnist for Hell’s Kitchen magazine W42St.

Not only does she write about broadcasting but she is a broadcaster herself.

  • BBC’s Los Angeles correspondent on Radio Four during 2009/2010.
  • Presenter, The Alan Titchmarsh Show (ITV), a news, entertainment and current affairs show, 2010 – 2013 with guests talking about topical events.
  • Presenter and resident TV and Film CriticThis Morning – a daytime news/entertainment show on ITV, 1997 – 2002, guest presenting live, studio-based reviews of current TV shows and movies (1million viewers).
  • Presenter, Loose Women – a daily afternoon discussion show, on ITV, 2003 – 2004, with 2 million viewers.
  • Presenter, Writer, Associate Producer, Star Suppers (own format), on the UK Food channel, 2003 – entertaining and interviewing celebrities who cooked in her Paris apartment.
  • Presenter, Writer, Associate Producer, Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner (own format) on ITV Wales channel, 2005. (A new series following on from the success of Star Suppers).
  • Presenter and Judge, (Presenters) series on ITV Wales, 2002. Talent show to find a new TV presenter. (Named the “Simon Cowell” of the jury).
  • Presenter, Culture Vultures, BBC Wales (radio), 2000 – 2001 Arts-based discussion and interview show.
  • Subject, The Secret of My Success, ITV Wales, 2009. Single program in a 12-part series exploring personal and professional background, and career development.
  • Subject, So You Think You Want a Healthy Lifestyle? Channel 4, 2003. Shot on location and home exploring benefits (or not) of a super-healthy lifestyle.

Used to: presenting live and recorded TV shows, studio-based and on location; reading autocue in a studio or staged setting; creating scripted and unscripted TV formats and interviewing guests in format-based TV/radio shows. Equity member.

Jaci has also published books, including – First Fictions (Faber, 1984); The Green Bridge: Stories from Wales (Seren Books, 1988); Poetry Wales (1983); The Other Side of Summer – audio book (BBC Radio 4, 1984) and Definitions of a Horse – novel (Hutchinson, 1990).

In 1976, Jaci was a member of the the first National Youth Theatre of Wales. Still an occasional actor, she is also a trained singer, an ex-ballroom dancing champion, and an award-winning public speaker and debater.

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