Amelia Gray Hamlin says Boux! – and other Celebrity News, 02.18.21


There has been outrage over model Amelia Gray Hamlin posing for sexy shots in Boux Avenue lingerie. The 19 year-old is currently dating 37 year-old Scott Disick (of Kardashian TV fame) and is fast catching up with the Kardashian women in terms of headlines.

She’s a model, for goodness sake; she’s young and beautiful and, personally, I thought she looked stunning.

She’s suffered from eating disorders and severe anxiety throughout her teenage years, and it’s good to see, as she said this week, that she finally feels comfortable in her own skin. Good for her.

Even better, the lingerie comes from, the chain founded in 2011 by my good friend, entrepreneur (or “shopkeeper,” as he modestly prefers to call himself), Theo If I looked a tenth as good as Amelia does in that get-up, I’d still be stripping down for the lads at 62.

Sadly, I don’t; never did. But I can still admire from afar. If you can’t display your gorgeousness when you’re young, when can you?


For a couple who escaped the UK to allegedly have more privacy, Harry and Meghan (Mr. and Mrs. Markle as they should be known) are certainly going about it the wrong way.

Of course, as many have said, they want publicity, but only on their terms, hence their agreeing to do a no-holds-barred interview with their media mogul mate Oprah Winfrey, while constantly moaning, huffing and puffing about how wronged they are by the media.

Harry, Meghan – put a sock in it. A drawerful, because it seems that’s what it’s gonna take.

The difficulty with the pair is not that they want to do good in the world and make it a better place – that’s all very admirable. But it’s very easy to preach to the world when you’ve been born into, and married into, gross privilege and are lecturing people from the confines of your whacking great multi-million-dollar Californian mansion.

I’m not against anyone living wherever they choose if they can afford it and enjoy it; but to use it as a base from which to spout caring, sharing platitudes to a world suffering in so many ways right now, is not only sickening, it’s ignorant in the extreme.

They should be stripped of everything on which they are choosing to capitalize – and that includes their Duke and Duchess titles.

And while we’re at it – what’s Harry’s Visa situation? 

Where his US residency is concerned, it’s yet another case of one law for the rich, another for the poor. 


The first series of Your Honor ended with an intense, highly dramatic finale directed by its star, Bryan Cranston.

No spoilers, but it was sublime, with Cranston again displaying his skills as not only one of our greatest living actors, but one of the best ever. 

It didn’t detract from my enjoyment, but yes, I could see what was coming a mile off, as the show’s elements of both Greek and Shakespearean tragedy were there from the start.

Or maybe I just watch too much TV.


Regé-Jean Page, 31, of Bridgerton fame, has been spotted out and about in New York City, where he will make his debut on Saturday Night Live this week.

Shonda Rhimes, whose company made Bridgerton for, described him as “finer than fiction” and “better than any dream.”

All our enthusiasm has been somewhat tempered, however, by the news that he has a girlfriend (never a good idea when you are promoting your hotness), but it is clear this extraordinary actor is heading for the big time, having made it onto the TIME100Next list.

To everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven. Too true. This is his season, his time, and don’t even get me started on his heavenly purpose.


What an incredible tribute this week from The Blacklist, to the actor Clark Middleton, who passed away last October at just 63 from West Nile virus.

Having been struck down with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis as a child, his disability became part of his creative identity and he inhabited many roles, not least the character of The Blacklist’s Glen Carter, an entertaining eccentric, who enjoyed many great scenes with the show’s star, James Spader.

It was therefore fitting that Spader’s character, Raymond Reddington, delivered an emotional monologue that felt as much in memory of the actor as the character. With a wonderful cameo from Huey Lewis, too (surely, an award will be winging his way for best celebrity in a cameo role), it was a fitting, and truly moving, honor.