Axe for Jax – Bravo, Bravo

The party’s over. The news that Jax Taylor and new, pregnant wife Brittany will not be returning to Bravo’s Vanderpump Rules has not come a moment too soon. With four others, including Stassi Schroeder and Kristen Doute having been given the boot, the latest sackings were only a matter of time. It’s one of the ironies of reality TV that the things that made these people “stars” (I use the word loosely) – namely, their abuse towards others they perceive as different from themselves – proved to be their downfall. It’s the nature of the reality beast.

Bravo held out for Jax as long as it could; but in our current times, a verbally abusive, promiscuous man with an uncontrolled temper – and a thief, to boot – is not good news for any broadcaster whose priority is protecting its brand.

But Taylor had another problem, and it’s the area in which every reality personality eventually falls down: when they start to believe their own PR. Never has a more glaring case of this been more apparent than in the case of Taylor. Last season, he called VR his show; you could hear the sound of ice not being broken when he made that declaration to Lisa Vanderpump, the host in whose hostelries the show is set.

I love VR. I know the constraints and the tricks of reality TV (I’ve appeared enough in it myself), but I love the drama produced, season after season. I’m always bemused that all the young people fancy each other so much when most of them are, at best, a B-rating, apart from the exquisite Scheana, who is so mega stunning, and doesn’t realize how even more stunning she is without make-up. And pregnancy becomes her.

I have also always been fascinated how anyone could go by the name of La-La and expect to be taken seriously (though I am happy she bagged a serious, smart boyfriend and got her act together. She’s pregnant, too, as is Stassi). I’ve always been disturbed by James’s ongoing, reality TV suicide meltdown and his need to talk about sex in order to try to validate himself in the cultural wasteland in which, as a Brit, he finds himself. I hope his sobriety is genuine and continues. I’ve been constantly amused by TT Bros – the two Tom boys, who are so dull, uninspired and uninspiring, I am surprised any woman has ever wanted to have sex with either of them. Ever. Let alone why Lisa would want to open the bar Tom Tom with them.

But back to the ghastly Jax. In Hawaii, on one venture, where he was, courtesy of the show, on a freebie, he ended up being arrested for stealing a pair of sunglasses. He has been endlessly unfaithful to every single woman, including Brittany, and he has a fearful temper.

Lisa has said that she does not think Jax is a bad person, and she has certainly always had his back. But I was already calling for him to be Ax Taylor after Hawaiigate, and finally Bravo have had the good sense to read the writing that was always on the wall.

As axed Jax should have realized a long time ago: it’s a thin line between people wanting your dick and calling you one.