Erika Jayne – Hot on the Market

There are reports that Erika Girardi is putting together a dating profile, following her separation from husband of 20 years Tom Girardi. Erika, a stunning model, singer, dancer and all-round huge personality (she was appearing on Broadway as Roxie Hart in Chicago pre-pandemic) is one of the stars of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and easily one of the most watchable. She’s funny, gutsy but vulnerable, and has a wardrobe that Elton John would envy.

The couple have survived a 32-year age gap and 21 years of marriage, so that’s almost a record by Hollywood standards. Apparently, we’re going to hear about the scandal-hit couple (Tom is being sued for financial irregularities and has reportedly had several affair) in the new series, where filming is currently suspended because of Covid.

It’s fair to say that Tom hasn’t aged well. When they met, was a cocktail waitress; he was and is a high-flying lawyer. He looked sexy, assured, and successful (not to mention rolling in it). Today, she looks like an exquisite peach; he looks like a pickled walnut. Unless Erika wants to put him on a side dish to accompany her crackers and cheese, I’d say she’s well rid.