Inauguration Day


  1. I cannot live without the Miu Miu coat worn by Ella Emhoff,  Kamala Harris’s step-daughter.
  2. I will never be able to afford anything by Miu Miu. I couldn’t even afford half of the coat’s collar.
  3. All First Ladies have long hair. Why? 
  4. Bernie Sanders reads weather forecasts in advance and turns up to events very well prepared in mittens.
  5. People attending inaugurations have the strongest bladders in the world. I wouldn’t have made it through the oath without having to take a break.
  6. For all my disagreements with pretty much everything he thinks and says, Mike Pence handled himself with grace and dignity. Unlike his ex-petulant boss, who has now, presumably, gone back to the nursery. 
  7. Melania Trump reads Fashion for Gangster Molls.
  8. Idiots will always be idiots. 
  9. Twitter banning Donald Trump has done wonders for my mental and emotional health.
  10. Democracy, democracy, democracy.