Spare Us the Spare

Can there be anything left to say about Prince Harry? Can there be anything left to say about Prince Harry that hasn’t already been said by Prince Harry himself.

When will it all end? The only reason I went to see Tom Stoppard’s play Leopoldstadt last week was that it would give me 130 minutes’ respite from Howling Harry.

Several publications have cast doubt on the blatant inaccuracies in Harry’s memoir, and others have right criticized his interviewers’ failure to pick him up on his own contradictions. Some have expressed worry about what now appears to be his fragile mental state.

His lack of irony is most striking. Constantly, he attacks ‘the media’ in general for the sorry state of affairs in which he now finds himself (well, when he’s not blaming almost his entire family), yet failing to recognize that it is that very same media on which he has become totally dependent. He’s addicted to it, as is his wife, and there is only one thing he fears more than media attention – being without it.


People are speculating as to why Meghan has not been glued to Harry’s side during his terminal publicity tour. It may be that she’s too busy helping sweep away water from the storms that have hit Montecito, where the couple live (and why wouldn’t she be? It’s a photo opportunity). More likely she’s conducting a rescue operation in the mansion basement, trying to salvage those Netflix millions.


The Golden Globes  was a dreadful event (you can read my review on here in the Arts section) that produced some very strange results. I was thrilled for the brilliant Banshees of Inisherin – I just love playwright Martin McDonagh – that again reunited Brendan Gleeson and Colin Farrell, who were equally brilliant in the movie In Bruges.

But why isn’t The Menu featuring more strongly in shortlists? Mark Mylod’s hilarious movie is a satirical masterpiece, and Ralph Fiennes is nothing less than sublime as the all-controlling chef.

My theory is that it’s too clever for cinema audiences who, for the most part, like to be spoon-fed the plot in steady, palatable doses.

The TV audience – and this has been a turnaround in more recent times – is an ever-hungry beast and more accepting of the bizarre, the cruel, the frightening et al. TV has basically become more sophisticated, and with the growth of streaming services, broadcasters have become more daring in an effort to outdo each other.

With its echoes of Squid Game, The Menu might have fared better had it first been broadcast on Netflix.


With the departure of Lisa Rinna from Bravo’s http://bravotv.comThe Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, rumors are swirling that White Lotus star Jennifer Coolidge may be joining them. She certainly has the lips for it and would give Dorit Kemsley a run for her money. If Dorit’s lips get any bigger, I’m going to have to buy an even bigger widescreen TV than the 75 inches I already have.


Britney Spears allegedly had a meltdown at an LA restaurant when customers starting snapping her on their phones.

Maybe there’s a song in that: Oops!…She Did it Again.


The death of Lisa Marie Presley, aged just 54, is, of course desperately sad. It seems not a day goes by without our hearing of another star leaving the stage. Clearly, an often troubled woman, she didn’t have the easiest of lives; let’s hope that her three remaining children are given the comfort and support to help them deal with this tragedy.